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The Return of My Favorite Things

Over the years, I've learned a lot about website optimization, SEO, and all the things I should have been doing with my blog to increase its hits.  Also during that time, I've encountered many blogs that are "well-optimized," and boy, do they feel impersonal.  So that means, I'm just going to carry on however I want (it's not like I'm making any money here [anymore -- yet??])!

I'm going to review a few things, not because I was sent anything (though I'm still happy to do that -- contact me!), but because these are things that I use, and if you are so inclined, so should you!

I will probably be adding more reviews here, since, let's be honest, they are what bring hits to the blog, and I want people to come and read so I don't feel like I'm writing to a cyber vortex!

Invisibobble Hair Tie

I have been using this for close to two years now, first tipped-off by a video by one of my favorite YouTube creators, FrmHeadtoToe.  This band supposedly decreases hair bumps that you get from tying your hair, and for someone who has to keep hair out of the way from a grabby baby who also tries to put her hair down at work, I can say this really does work.  The only time I get bad bump-age is when I have it on too tightly or if I sleep in it, which are both examples of what I'm going to call user error.

Pro-Tip: It will stretch out over time.  When this happens, I will either soak it in boiling water or leave it in a hot car (thanks, SoCal!).  I have heard you can put the blow dryer to it, but I rarely ever have that thing out.  In this picture, I have it wrapped around my Pokeball so it would stay round!

Apple Watch (Series 2) - previous review linked here

I still have my gift to myself from 2016, though I have to say that it's laggggging.  It probably does this on purpose so that I will upgrade.  I have been considering this, but I'm trying to be financially responsible.  I'll probably wait until I see a great promotion or it's my birthday/holiday/etc.  Whar series it current -- 3? 4?

I mostly just use it as, well, a watch, and also to get pinged when messages or calls come through.  I do appreciate the Activity Tracker, though I don't usually wear this during workouts anymore so it's not being accurate about my activity levels, which I'm fine with.  It does give me a little reminder to keep up and walking!  It would be nice to take calls on it without my phone around, though, which is something that the new ones claim to do...

Bluephonic Wireless Headphones

I have gone through a couple of wireless headphones (one is reviewed here, the other was just so bad, I won't even go into it).  I had trouble connecting the Jabra after a while, unfortunately.  I didn't want to splurge on AirPods, so I spent $29.99 on this one from Amazon, and it's great!  It doesn't come with a billion little ear pieces.  It stays in my ears, was fairly easy to connect, and has great sound.  I've had it for about a month, mostly using it for quiet indoor workouts when everyone is still asleep, but I've run with it quite a few times, too.  I don't miss catching my cord with my arm and whacking my phone to the ground while running!


FTC Disclaimer: I purchased these items on my own and was not compensated to provide any particular opinion on them.


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