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Things I Can't Believe I Used to Do

When I started this blog, I was in my early 20s, and very often, it feels more recent in memory than it actually is. Sometimes, however, it feels like another lifetime ago, and I feel so much older nowadays.

I'm approaching my mid-30s now. I think I'm actually starting to look older, in my face, or maybe it's just that I am not nearly as well rested. I would post pictures, but I honestly haven't taken pictures of myself in a long time. The camera is always on others, and I'm not good about whipping it out in the first place. My clothing choices are far from what they probably should be, and self-photos take so much effort! Finally, I am admittedly body-conscious since I had my second child, which I alluded to in my last post. Although I am trying to take charge of this, there are some things I'm not sure more workouts or cleaner diets will address.

Anyway, as I am going back and cleaning up my old posts' broken links due to my past sloppiness, I find myself in awe of past me.

With no judgement whatsoever on anyone who does these things, I can't believe I used to...

  • able to run for hours and then go about my day
  • so hard on myself for not making a certain time in a race... so much so that I majorly discounted the pure achievement of getting out there and finishing in a decent amount of time
  • who knows how much in race registration fees and associated accommodations (of course, this is like spending on any hobby one may have, so again, I am not placing morality on this, but it's a different lifestyle now for sure!)
  • ...make desserts out of beans, thinking it was super healthy
  • vegetarian/vegan and think it was super healthy (and it can be, but my version was pretty carb-y)
  • ...ever feel unhappy about my body, because I'd be pretty stoked with what I had, now!
I love the fact that I've gone through so many journeys but am, in many ways, the same person that started this blog.  I am glad that although I've lost some parts of my old life, I am building new ones -- besides the family, I am continually working on things like my crafting, creativity, and my self-control.  Maybe in another decade or so, I'll look back at my "days with young kids" and be in disbelief and awe of my current state of things, too.


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